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If you are interested in how things actually get done in Estonia, then please continue reading, because you will be pleasantly surprised!

The words that are in front to you are by someone who is not from Estonia, but cherishes every bit of its culture and mentality. Very important element of Estonian spirit is good will and eternal mental activity that is immediately transformed into results. Helpific is a true example of the Estonian way things get done. It has been created in only 48 hours. Yes, you are reading it correctly and I am sure that you have doubts in it, but you should not.

Helpific team
Estonian will to help each other has brought together number of individuals with various skills (from technical, as programming, to the ones with a very untechnical skill, but the most important one, which is having a big an open-minded heart) in an hackathon event organized by a very famous Estonian start-up hub, called Garage48. The theme of that particular hackathon was enabling people with disabilities through technology.

Our group met that day for the first time, and created Helpific platform in just 48 hours. It has been very strenuous, but we did it. And finally I can tell you what Helpific is all about: it is a simple platform that directly connects people who need help with the ones that can and want to give that help.

We all are working very hard to have the system running smoothly and as soon as possible, but meanwhile a lot of interesting facts and news about Helpific, and its progress, will be available through our blogs.

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