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Helpific tour | Social inclusion of people with mental health disorder

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Helpific tour "Beyond borders"

Promoting social inclusion of the people with mental health disorder with the help of information and communication technology and popularising volunteering in local communities.

Helpific has a tour in three Estonian cities (Haapsalu, Tallinn, Tartu) in August to present the idea how information and communication technology can help people with mental health disorder and improve awareness of people who aren’t volunteering yet. During the tour you can meet employers, public sector institutions and disabled people’s organisation representatives as well as Helpific web platform users. There will be discussions and seminars on burning topics and possibility to put your skills and abilities to the test at interactive area.

At the interactive area all the visitors can try obstacles that seem to be impossible but what disabled people must face every day, for example you can pass a wheelchair obstacle course, open a candy paper with boxing gloves and see the technological equipment that enables blind people to surf in social networks. During the tour a special project will be carried out where installations are placed in cityscape as six young persons with disabilities are the artistic heroes – Merlin, Maris, Jakob, Merilyn, Oliver and Katariina. Not with standing the disability they are all very positive individuals with different interests and knowledge, whom helped by the volunteers can live more valuable life.

Installation "Life Without Borders"
We wish to improve awareness of local communities to prevent stigmatic attitude and discriminating treatment towards disabled people and to encourage communities to recognize disabled people as individuals who are no different from fellow citizens. So the main focus of the tour are the people with mental health disorder who are one of the risk groups in labour market not for their disabilities but further because of misconceptions and false beliefs about mental health problems. At the same time so called worries and joys of people with physical disabilities won’t be without attention either. Helpific wants to show that community’s caring attitude and simplicity of helping each other are these keywords that enable disabled people to apply their skills, knowledge and abilities entirely and live their life beyond borders.

You can take part in Helpific tour at White Lady festival on August 28th in Haapsalu, in Tallinn during the New World Streetfestival and at Tartu Autumn Days 2015 on October 16th. When integrating social thinking and innovation it possible to improve social attitude towards disabled people, involve disabled people or volunteers to develop more caring communities and create possibilities to integrate disabled people into society.

Partners of Helpific tour are Junior Chamber International Estonia JCI (installations), Tallinn Mental Health Center, Tallinn University and Arcada University of Applied Sciences. Tour is funded by the Council of Gambling Tax.

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