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Helpific project started in Ukraine in November 2016

Antonina Rudska

Helpific project started in Ukraine in November 2016. Our great team consists of the most active students of the Department of Social Rehabilitation and Social Pedagogy, Faculty of Psychology at the Taras Shevchenko National University of Kyiv. 
Helpific Project was presented at the XXVth Kyiv City Festival for Children and Youth "Believe in yourself" organized for children and youth with special needs. In December project team had a strategy session, where Helpific Ukraine team worked on new ways of further development. To our team also joined Darya Bondarenko (ILDC Ukraine program director) and Olana Chuiko (Head of the Department of Social Rehabilitation and Social Pedagogy). In Ukraine, people with disabilities have many problems as lack of understanding of their needs and non-acceptance. There is no communication between disable people and the community. 
Ukrainian project team contacted different non-profit organizations to find ways how to change and make life easier for people with disabilities. At the first stage, project focuses on finding volunteers among university students and informing people with disabilities about opportunities of Helpific platform where they can post their request and get help.

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