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Helpific is a web-based support environment that brings innovative, digital solutions to the social field. Active communities can involve citizens through Helpific to help with transportation needs, household chores or activities outside of household.

Photo: Riikka Nieminen, Positiivse Suhtumise Arendamine

Project “Positive Attitude Development” ended successfully!
Helpific was involved in a project called “PAD”, (Positive Attitude Development). The PAD objective was to raise awareness through workshops, seminars, animation and other activities to help change the negative stigmas associated with mental health issues. The PAD project was sponsored by Tallinn University and the Finnish Arcada University. Through this project we hoped to improve social involvement and also promote the employment of these people. One part of the Project was animation. The script was completed with the help of screenwriter Martin Palm, the animation was created by Merlyn Kotljar. The voice actors for these short films were our own Ingrid Peek, Jaanika Arum, Jan Uuspõld and Jakob Rosin. Thank you! 

These exciting and thought-provoking cartoons were on-air on Sundays on “Eesti Televisioon” (Estonian Television). You can find episodes of these cartoons on the Positive Attitude Development web-page or on the Youtube channel "Helpific World". The animations have Estonian, Russian, English and Finnish subtitles. During a period of 9 weeks, “Eesti Televisioon” played 1 of 9 short films, every Sunday. On average during Sunday viewing there are 74,000 people watching “Eesti Televisioon”. During these 9 weeks, the short films were viewed more than 586,000 times! We also made these short films available on the Helpific Facebook page. 227,000 people were reached! 17.2% of the Estonian population (1,317,800) was reached! 

"Care about your children. Just bless them instead of worrying, as every child is the little Buddha who helps his parents to grow up." - Gautama Buddha 

Helpific is participating in an International 2-year program called “Know your Impact”
Helpific is one of the social enterprises of Estonia, that has been honorably selected to join the international program called “Know Your Impact”, (“Social Impact Measurement Tools for Young Social Entrepreneurs”). The program constitutes a project whose purpose is to shed light on the impact that social entrepreneurs are creating within their society. The leading partner of the Project is “Koç University Social Impact Forum”. The representatives of these social impact enterprises in Estonia and Turkey met for the first time in late summer of the last year (2016) in a “social impact” training camp located in Turkey. Watch the inspiring video here.

Amazing stories, inspiring people – the story of Sigrid & Merle 
Sigrid had a great experience with a blind woman who asked her to help her in cleaning her house. Sigrid was surprised by how clean the house was, since the lady could only clean based on “feel”. The house was so clean, that Sigrid was not sure she was of much help. According to Sigrid, the possibility to put your actual potential into practice makes volunteer work very pleasant. “While helping people, I try to think about what could be done to simplify the everyday life of those people. I found Helpific when reading adverts in the volunteer portal and Helpific matched my values. As a volunteer I can perform different activities, because there is no specific mode of helping people.” Read more...

Helpific conveys to you the stories based on the experience of our users, about people who have posted a help request through the Helpific support environment or who have helped the people in their neighborhood. Read these inspiring stories and join the community!

“Through love & dedication, we can make a better world,” - Ashley, Helpific Massachusetts
Ashley Misleh from the USA has joined the Helpific team. Ashley fulfills the role of, “International Correspondent” for Helpific, which means that her main task is to promote the inner communication in an international team, which is now operating in 8 countries. We asked her 5 interesting questions - learn about Ashley and her answers here. For instance, Ashley answered that if she were a president, the first thing she would do, would be to “pray”. Ashley believes that through love and dedication we can make a better world.

Can a smart development of sharing economy save our social welfare system?
Helpific CEO Keiu Roosimägi writes in "Linnaleht" (“Town Paper”) about what our social welfare will look like in the future, what kind of challenges it will face and what kind of changes we need in political, legislative as well on a single individual level. Keiu believes that the time of so called alternative solutions has arrived and more and more people feel common social responsibility. No less important are the cooperating between all three sectors (public, private and non-profitable), and flexible innovative solutions directed towards the future. Even though the social field has so far had a rather negative image, it is possible to change the public opinion and social norms. Our innovative social welfare system could become the NOKIA we have long searched for and which has been talked about for over 20 years. 

A world for corporations or a world for people?
Who will be the leaders of the future economy – entrepreneurs or giant corporations? Will the economy fall into smaller and smaller pieces or will it move towards a bigger centralization? Sharing a cooperative economy, is discussed more and more as a form of future economy. Information technology could lose the barriers between citizens and companies and create more and more possibilities for every one of us to contribute more flexibly and efficiently to create the kind of society that we ourselves want to see. Helpific is one of the start-up-enterprises with a social tendency, that leads the way towards developing a more caring society and engages the possibilities of innovation, sharing economy and information- and communication technology (ICT) in shaping the social welfare system of the future. Read more in Telegram

Volunteer activities as a lifestyle that offers self-development
What compels and motivates people to act? Do we only work to get paid? Do we only work to get recognition or an emotional charge? The questions about why we are doing something have probably been asked by everyone. Helpific CEO, Keiu Roosimägi, was interviewed by journalist Greta Kaupmees. Keiu believes that in volunteer work as well as in wagework, we must listen to our hearts; what would make you leave the house in any weather condition, what makes you happy? Read more in Helpific blog.

You can’t see us, but we do exist!
A lot of young people with mental health problems live among us, but still feel invisible. Helpific conducted an interview with a woman, who has felt since childhood that she was different from the others. Nevertheless, she too has a need for fulfillment, recognition and acceptance and a wish to be useful to fellow citizens by adding beauty and happiness to the dull everyday life. Read about Anneli, her challenges and passions here.

Thank you for reading,
Your Helpific team!

Helpific’s mission is to promote the independent coping of those people, who need support in their community. Our web-based support environment connects the volunteers and paid services with everyday needs such as transportation, attending events and household chores. We are counting on the generosity of people end enterprises like You who have a community-based mentality.

Please help to create a quick and reliable person-to-person solution, the result of which would be stronger and more caring communities, by making a donation today. 

Helpific is on the list of non-profit organizations with tax concession since 01.07.2016.

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