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Helpific - sincere help, which has no implication to get something in return

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A birthday should be a time for giving, not for receiving

Text: Kerti Kulpar
Translation: Liina Martinson

During the 29 years of his life, Tarvo Tobbi has needed help from his family and relatives as well as from close acquaintances. The most memorable factor among this help has been the sincerity of the helpers, which has been expressed by a pure wish to lend a helping hand. Whether a grandmother who took time off work for months to help Tarvo learn to walk after meningitis for the second time in his life, or a neighbour who despite having his own family, drove Tarvo and his grandmother home on a Christmas Eve after Tarvo had spent four months in the hospital. All this has left a deep impression on him about what sincere help, which has no implication nor wish to get something in return, means.

When Tarvo turned 30, he decided to dedicate the 7th of April to a person who needed a helping hand in their everyday activities and in managing their life.
Tarvo wanted to start the thirtieth year of his life by doing something good. He wanted his thirties to start differently for him than histhe twenties, when there was not even a small chance of doing a good deed for someone, let alone a stranger. Now that Tarvo has started to look back on his life and see how the path of his helpers has obtained clear outlines, he realises that the start of his thirties should be different.

When Tarvo turned 30, he decided to dedicate the 7th of April to a person who needed a helping hand in their everyday activities and in managing their life. Be it household chores, shopping, taking a walk, studying, attending an event, chatting or even solving an IT-related problem – Tarvo wanted to find a person who would need his help. To reach someone who needs help, he worked with Helpific in order to start his thirties in a whole new waylife.

On his birthday, on the 7th of April, Tarvo met Elika through Helpific. Elika’s daughter Aurelia had reduced mobility. The encounter took place as a discussion during which practical steps were reached. One practical step was to find another aid for Aurelia that would enable her to move around more. Elika had already found Kidwalk as an aid and now was the time to find the money for it. Kidwalk is an aid similar to a wheelchair, but the person is standing in an upright position on it. This would enable Aurelia to stand up independently and move around in her room, and once her legs become strong enough, she could move around between different rooms. During the meeting, they searched for web-pages together, on where it would be possible to apply for a funding to buyfor buying a Kidwalk and now the respective project needs to be created. 

Tarvo describes his experience as follows: "Once again I realised how important other people’s support is. On that day, we took actual steps to buy a Kidwalk for Aurelia so that she could move around independently and develop her ability to walk. We found several web-pages and I took contact directly with a person from whom to get additional information about financing different support projects. I realised that from one year to the next, Aurelia would need new mobility opportunities to make her more independent. A person who is able to move his or her body and use it for its intended purpose even for going to the toilet or washing oneself, does not comprehend it when it is necessary to get someone’s help for these activities. For me, it was once again a reminder of my childhood and of the reason why I want to help someone during my path of life. Thank you Helpific and thank you Elika for helping me bring this reason to life again! This encourages me to think big in my life and to act big as a result. My sincere gratitude to you!"

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