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Every experience has a value that can’t always be measured in money!

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The Y-generation is paving the way towards a more open society

Text: Kerti Kulper
Translation: Liina Martinson

The Y-generation is often accused of being lazy and exhibiting a lack of independence. Many of these young people still live with their parents, which reinforces the impression that the Y-generation youth do not have the drive, or desire to make the effort to earn money. However, there is one reason why this generation is way ahead of the others.

It has been found that the young people of the Y-generation engage in volunteer work more than the previous generations. hey value helping others. It is not as important to the Y-generation whether or not they get paid for the job.hey know that every experience has a value which can’t always be measured with money. Meeting new people and putting ourselves in new situations makes life more fulfilling and at the same time helps us to understand that we are surrounded by people who are not so different from us.

Several studies have analyzed the Y-generation’s wish to help others and contribute to society. For instance, the scientists of California University have found out that over 60 percent of the University graduates consider helping other people as very important. Those who think that helping a fellow human being means only helping an elderly person cross the street or cleaning a communal site, are mistaken. Yes, these are ways of helping, but in reality the spectrum of possible areas of help is considerably larger. When looking through the Helpific environment that is meant for people with special needs, it appears that people can be helped also by purely keeping them company. For instance, it is not unusual that possibilities to meet, talk or practice foreign languages are offered. A lot of people with special needs mainly miss the company of other people since some of them have mobility limitations but would still like to talk with others (of their own age). People with special needs have also looked for someone through Helpific to go to a concert or pub with. Basically,Helpific connects the pleasant with the useful and it seems to address the youth.
Julia & Kerstin

In addition to volunteeringhelp it is also possible to help through financial donations. A questionnaire surveying the Y-generation in 2014 showed that 84 percent of young people have donated money for charities. Young people want to help others because they believe change is possible. Empathy and a wish to contribute to the community are those characteristics that could set the Y-generation as an example to the other generations. While helping others, we are also helping ourselves and our community and therefore our living environment can only get better. Give your contribution in the Hooandja web environment or join the Helpific platform so that we can grow bigger and bigger and change more lives!

We are calling on everyone to contribute to the development of the Helpific support environment – you can give an extra push to our project “To live by yourself and to be responsible by yourself!” at Hooandja (Kickstarter) web-environment  (Project page in Helpific web) or by joining the Helpific platform at helpific.com

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