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Hooandja – the summary of the crowdfunding project

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The crowdfunding participants helped Helpific take off!

Do you remember the video in which Tom Rüütel, one of the co-founders of Helpific talked about his dream of becoming an astronaut and called upon investing in Helpific? The project "Live by yourself, be responsible by yourself!’’ turned out to be vastly successful – 577 people invested in the project and all in all 10 835 euros was raised. 

On the project’s webpage all eight videos can still be watched and one can read about the outcome of the project as well as where the investments go. 
Dear crowdfunding participant, we wholeheartedly thank you for appreciating the communal mindset and in believing in what we do! Thanks to your contribution we can improve Helpific’s environment and make it safer and more convenient for our users.  

Helpific had fun prizes in store for the participants – one’s name listed on Helpific’s website helpific.com, a special thank you note and a postcard with a picture of Helpific’s team on it, a summer picnic with the team and a one-on-one dinner with Daniel Levi Viinalass. We have delivered the prize to each and every person who provided us with their email and/or postal address and stayed in contact with us. In the beginning of next year a unique seminar will take place, led by keywords such as communal activism, future society, tendencies in social welfare, sharing economy and involving active citizens in solving communal bottlenecks via information and communication technology. So, to the ones interested in the seminar, some more patience is required. 
The team at Helpific, its volunteers and crowdfunding participants enjoying a summer picnic. 
We also received a super awesome letter of which you’ll find a shorter version below.

‘’Helpific is awesome, ‘’cool guy Tom’’ was able to draw attention to the important stuff you do, in a very skilful way and I’m so happy he did it so openly and warm-heartedly. I could stick to crowdfunding, a thank you for the kind invitation and leave it at that. But, I’ve got two little ones at home (5 and 7), who happen to be the biggest (and I stress - world’s biggest) fans of Daniel Levi and because this opportunity came to me, I will do my best to use it to the fullest. I’ll add a picture to confirm that.’’ 
"A six-year-old Joosep Mattias didn’t agree to go to bed tonight until I had promised to send his drawing to Daniel Levi. On the picture you can see a part of the band, some lasers, an audience, the frontman’s hairdo and an award for the best song. The moral of his story is that even though your song might be the best, some people might not get it. Joosep Mattias believes that you should have won Eesti Laul, the competition and is keeping his fingers crossed for you in the future!"- Father

One of the most memorable events was a private dinner with Daniel Levi Viinalass, with a family with two adorable kids. The dinner took place in restaurant Villa Thai. Thank you Villa Thai for this pleasant and memorable collaboration!  
Daniel Levi’s dedicated fans. We thank you, Daniel with all our hearts for your support and for believing in us at first sight!

Helpific’s support system is important for the people with special needs to lead a more independent life and get a better contact with the community. Thank you for contributing and helping the society!

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