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Katrily: "There is nothing I am more annoyed by than wasted potential!"

Team member Katrily Lepik – Helpific Estonia

My name is Katrily, and I am the newest proud member of Helpific´s Estonian team.

One thing that surely describes me most accurately, is that I cannot stand still. I need movement in life, and am a relentless opponent of the status quo. There is always something new to be discovered or something old to be improved. And there is nothing I am more annoyed by than wasted potential.

If I would have to add five more things about me they would be the following: I enjoy to read, I run for fun, love early mornings during winter, fiercely hate injustice and have the most wonderful human as my daughter.

I am studying for a Master´s degree in Administration and Government in Tallinn University and hope to become a valuable member in Helpific community.

Katrily Lepik

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