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Helpific newsletter | August 2015

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Dear members of Helpific platform!

Community's care and simplicity of helping each other through Helpific support platform enables to offer help and people with disabilities to live their life without borders.

Team meeting in outdoor cafe. From left Marlen, Annika, Zsolt, Triin and Keiu
Can social entrepreneurship be successful?
Helpific will participate at The Festival of Opinion Culture 14.-15.08.2015. Festival of Opinion Culture is a meeting place for interesting thoughts, new ideas and new initiatives; a place that will boost people’s courage and self-esteem and make them ask themselves “what can i do?”.

Life without borders? Yes!
On 20-23 August Nordic Inspiration Conference 2015 "Beyond borders" will give you a chance to be part of the lives of people who have overcome their human boundaries. Nordic Inspiration Conference 2015 is organized by Junior Chamber International Estonia in association with other JCI Nordic group chambers. Junior Chamber International CO with Helpific is promoting boundless goodwill and Helpific will set up an interactive “Testing your senses” area where all conference visitors can try the almost impossible challenges people with special needs are facing daily. There will also be a special project during the conference where installations are placed into city area. The goal of installations is to carry out a campaign to break the prejudices prevailing in society about people with special needs and to expand the awareness of potential volunteers, who today still do not act as a volunteer. The area and installations will be there on Friday, 21st of August from 9am to 5pm.

Visitors and Helpific platform enthusiasts can make their contribution into developing the Helpific platform mechanism that allows to exchange messages inside the platform. The estimated cost of the IT development is 5000 euros.

The White Lady, The Street Festival and Student days
Helpific starts with an informative tour in August that will present the idea of how information technology can help disabled people. Within the tour human resources (HR) persons will meet with disabled people organization’s representers and with Helpific platform enthusiasts, discussions and seminars will be held and people can test their senses in the interactive area.Helpific tour will go to White Lady Festival on 28th of August in Haapsalu, Tallinn Street Festival on 5th and 6th of September and Tartu Autumn Days on 16th of October. Helpific believes that by connecting social thinking and innovation is possible to contribute into improving the attitudes of society towards people with disabilities and mental health problems, to raise the inclusion of disabled people and volunteers in order to form more caring communities and to facilitate by creating opportunities for successful integration of disabled people into society.

How can you use and support Helpific?
Right now we post the help requests to Helpific Facebook page to help communities already and we just start the “beta” testing period of out platform and we encourage everyone to try and give feedback to us.

© Helpific

Honorable interested parties of Helpific webplatform, we collect donations for webplatform future developments.  You can make a contribution in form of donation to the NGO Helpific.

Registration code: 80380146
Bank account No EE102200221061303677
Explanation: Donation, webplatform

* Helpific is not included in the list of non-profit associations, foundations and religious associations benefiting from income tax incentives.

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