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Helpific newsletter | November 2015

5:37:00 PM

Dear members of Helpific platform!

Community's care and simplicity of helping each other through Helpific support platform enables to offer help and people with disabilities to live their life without borders.

On the photo is Helpific team at the conference "Beyond Borders" with executive vice president of JCI World Steven Wilson, president of JCI Estonia Kaspar Ilves and board member of JCI Tallinn Kerttu Sarapuu
Helpific platform is ready to use!
Platform, which connects people with disabilities and volunteers who are ready to help them, is now opened. All the people who need help and those who offer help are welcome to register and place notices. Helpific hopes to get feedback and suggestions from users in order to develop platform further.

Breaking borders
Helpific participated in the conference "Beyond Borders" arranged by Junior Chamber International Estonia in August to surmount borders personally, technologically and culturally. Collaboration resulted in artistic formed campaign to encourage all the members of community to recognise people with disabilities as individuals who are no different from fellow citizens and raise awareness of those who are not volunteers yet. Heroes of the installation "Life Without Borders" are six people with disabilities who need assistance every day. In spite of disability, they all are very positive and strong personalities with different interests and knowledge. As a volunteer, you can help them to live their life fully, without borders.

Innovation and social inclusion
Helpific met on its info tour in Haapsalu, Tallinn and Tartu in August, September and October with employers, public sector institutions, disabled people’s organisation representatives and people who are interested in Helpific platform. It was discussed, how modern information and communication technology and social entrepreneurship can help people with disabilities to participate in labour market, break stigmatic attitude in society, popularize voluntary activity in local communities and promote business environment. There were workshops, opportunity to put your skills and abilities to the test at interactive area and installation "Life Without Borders" was presented.

Promoting communication and cultural accessibility
Gala for supporters of Estonian Association of the Deaf took place on September 23rd. The day was devoted to those who have contributed the activity of Estonian deaf community. There were different performances and many letters of thanks and rewards were handed out. Helpific was acknowledged with letter of thanks on promoting communication and cultural accessibility outstandingly. It was given by Tiit Papp, executive director of Estonian Association of the Deaf.

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Honorable interested parties of Helpific webplatform, we collect donations for webplatform future developments.  You can make a contribution in form of donation to the NGO Helpific.

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