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Introducing paid services on Helpific

12:00:00 AM

Testing period has begun!

For an experimental period, members of Helpific can request and offer paid services on our platform.

An option to add a price when you request or offer help
Helpific payment option

When you request or offer help, you have an option to set a price. This is optional, if you request or offer voluntary help you can leave this field empty.

When conducting a market analysis many people with disabilities expressed that they would prefer to pay small fees for services. Also we received feedback from students and people with middle- and low income that they can’t afford to do voluntary work but for a small fee they would be able to help fellow citizens.

In countries where direct payment or personal budgeting schemes are implemented show very positive experiences. Service users are not passive participants of the available care opportunities provided by the welfare system but they can purchase services they need in their local community involving their relatives, friends, neighbours or professional service providers. Helpific is willing to serve as an online platform, and easily available marketplace for those who are ready to offer and receive services for a certain fee.

At the moment we do not set up an online payment system and also do not require commission for the transactions created on Helpific. We would like to demonstrate that there is a demand for paid services in this field and we encourage our members to try this new function of the site.

Agreement and payment occurs individually between members. Helpific will analyse the first experiences and based on your feedback and request we will introduce this function as an integrated part of our platform.

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