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Helpific is a web-based support environment that brings innovative, digital solutions to the social field. Active communities can involve citizens through Helpific to help with transportation needs, household chores or activities outside of household.

Tom Rüütel - Helpific co-founder who dreams about an independent life and becoming an astronaut. Tom (Awesome Dude): "We have taken off - give us an extra push!"
Give an extra push to the Helpific platform to help us ensure sustainability.
The Estonian social start-up Helpific which was established in 2014, is developing a web-based support environment for people who need a helper for daily activities, for example offering help with transport services or household tasks for the elderly and people with special needs. The start-up launched a campaign in “the Hooandja” (“the Kickstarter”) to gather extra money for further developing the platform to ensure its sustainability.
We invite you to contribute to the development of the Helpific support environment - you can give your push to the project “To live by yourself and to be responsible by yourself!” in the Hooandja web-environment or by joining the Helpific platform here

Digiportal “Geenius” (“the Genius”) elected Helpific the start-up of the week!
Helpific is the first impact-enterprise that encourages communities to participate in the sharing economy to increase the availability of social services. The previously mentioned hybrid model is special in the field of start-ups and from the perspective of the social welfare system. Helpific is a very innovative solution with its ICT and sharing economy orientation. Also,social welfare has so far mainly been an outsider in the start-up world, no huge opportunities or potential has been seen in it. Estonia is a world leader in developing and recognising the information society, now we need to reach the same level in areas that have so far not been “attractive”. Read more from „the Genius“ portal here
Helpific CEO talks openly about neurofribromatosis
May was the month of raising awareness about neurofibromatosis (NF). NF is a rare genetic disorder in case of which the signs and symptoms vary greatly on affected people. Resulting from insufficient awareness and misconceptions about this disease, people who suffer from it, may feel alone and hopeless. We will take a look into the lives of Helpific co-founder and CEO Keiu and Helpific voluntary helper Maris who both have been diagnosed with NF. They are strong and inspiring women who have committed themselves to raising awareness about NF! Read more here
Every experience has a value that can’t always be measured in money
Empathy and a wish to contribute to the society are those characteristics that make the Y-generation youth an example to the other generations.  While helping others, we are also helping ourselves and our community and thereby our living environment can only get better. Read more here
Helping a fellow human being opens your eyes and your heart
It is a common misconception that helping a person with special needs means caring for them. It is another common misconception that someone needs special knowledge or skills to help.. Helpific user and volunteer Kerstin talks about her experience – why she started to use Helpific and what she has learned during the process. Kerstin also points out that there is no need to feel uneasy – you will learn during the process. Read more here
How often do you notice that another person might need help?
Journalist, sound director and radio presenter Jakob Rosin compares Helpific with Uber and Taxify. Taxi services stayed far behind with their telephone and dispatcher service, private businesses came and created Uber and Taxify. Jakob believes that Helpific is exactly the type of parallel solutionneeded, but in social welfare.

In 2013, the Intelligent Community Forum (ICF) acknowledged the town of Tallinn for the fifth time as one of the seven (Top7) most innovative communities in the world. Worldwide, Estonia is in one of the leading positions in developing and acknowledging the information society. One of the aims of Helpific is that the innovative social welfare system’s solution of the communal helping of one another, created by the founders of Helpific, would become the so called long search for the Estonian Nokia, next Skype or TransferWise or even something like the e-residency, which we could proudly present to the whole world.
Watch the video story with Jakob here
Helpific – passionate people & smart creators
In every newsletter we introduce one bright and talented gem of Helpific! This time we asked five exciting questions from our translator Liina Martinson – take a look at Liina and her answers here. Quoting Liina: "Thanks to Helpific, I have encountered topics that I might otherwise never have even heard of!"
Fabulous stories, inspiring people - Eliise & Evelin
Eliise was temporarily on crutches and needed help to go to the “Comedy Estonia”. Evelin came to help her and Eliise constantly clicked with her: “It was wonderful with Evelin. I was glad to have gained such a motivated companion. We discovered that we have similar experience and values in several matters. We both got to train our ABS for an hour and a half and were very satisfied with the evening. Thank you again to the great and efficient members of Helpific and of course to all sharers and people who showed their willingness to help.” Take a look at the video story here
Helpific introduces stories about people who have posted a wish to help through the Helpific support environment or helped people in their neighborhood based on user experience. Read inspiring stories here and join the community!
Helpific – sincere help that has no implications or a wish to get something in return
Tarvo wished to start his thirties by doing good. He wanted his thirties to start differently than the twenties were a good deed for someone let alone a stranger was unthinkable. Now that Tarvo has started to look back on his life and see how the lane of his helpers has obtained clear outlines, he realizes that the start of the thirties needs to be different. Read more here
A letter from the Sparhawk family from the USA
Often, when hearing the word “autism”, people automatically say “I am sorry”… We are honoured to have the possibility of glancing into the life of raising an autistic child. Read more here

Helpific is proud to announce the activating of a new web-page! Our magnificent team of volunteers worked for several months to create a refreshed and innovative experience. This updated version gives a clear message of what we are. Ordering and offering voluntary help with just one click has never been easier! We thank all of you for the feedback over all these years, we are extremely touched by your support and love for our mission to “promote the independent life of people with special needs and contribute to the development of stronger communities”. The new design is a beta-version, please help us to improve our platform by giving feedback or notifying about errors at info@helpific.com

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