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Tom Rüütel - I have learned a lot about myself and therefore I know that Helpific and I belong together!

Team member Tom Rüütel - Helpific Estonia, peer advisor

Tom describes himself with five sentences or tells us whatever comes to his mind right this moment: 
At the moment I feel tired from yesterday’s Rammstein concert. Life has shown me, that all the tiring and difficult activities are in reality the most emotional and the best ones. Be it a concert, engaging with something where I need to step out of my comfort zone or for example an evening with my friends. There are no impossible opportunities, there are only opportunities! You will never know until you have not tried! 
Tom celebrating first birthday of Helpific, 2015.

Our 5 questions to Tom. 

What drives you to do what you do in Helpific? What motivates you? 
Helpific has given me a lot of knowledge about how difficult, yet exciting, is the story of a starting enterprise. Of course I have learned a lot about myself and therefore I know that Helpific and I belong together. I have a vision about Helpific and Helpific has an opportunity to help me in my daily life. 

How did you happen to join Helpific? 
G 48, it just happened! I met Helpific at a Garage48 event. I was a lone wolf and I did not manage to compile a team. Then I discovered Helpific and about 45 first hours showed me that I fit in with their team. I fit in because I have a need for Helpific due to my special need. Secondly, I have a vision how Helpific should move on. 

What kind of opportunities and challenges will Helpific face when building up an international impact company that is active in the area of social welfare? In your opinion. 
To think big is one thing, but once you get your hands on, you shall know how the system actually works. I am a Helpific user and I shall continue using it. Helpific works and it has already faced the biggest challenge. Now there is only a need to spread the word and to grow together with the users. 

If you were president, what would be the first thing you’d do? 
I would talk to people a lot, travel to obtain good practices and I would be President Rüütel! 

What is your most bizarre talent? 
Shouldn’t some things be left for the others to discover? Please give it a try! :)

The web-platform Helpific is an environment that mobilises communal resources resulting from the model of sharing economy and the opportunities of information- and communication technology (ICT). The concept of the idea comes from the experience of Holland where they are moving with a complete welfare reform from the traditional model of providing social services towards involving active citizens in providing help.  Helpific mission is to promote the independent managing of those people who need support in the community. The web-based support environment connects the voluntary and paid services to daily needs such as transport, attending events and domestic chores. Helpific began at an idea development contest „Garage48 Enable”.
We are calling on everyone to contribute to the development of the Helpific support environment – you can give an extra push to our project “To live by yourself and to be responsible by yourself!”at Hooandja (Kickstarter) web-environment or by joining the Helpific platform at helpific.com

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