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Helpific gets a warm welcome in the US

Text: Kerti Kulper

Ashley Misleh, Helpific's International Correspondent in the US, says that they are still testing Helpific in the States, but the reaction has so far been very positive. We asked Ashley some questions to find out how Helpific is doing in the US.
Ashley: "Helpific will enlighten, educate and make huge impacts through it's use!"

How did you find out about Helpific and why did it capture your attention?
I was introduced to Helpific by one of the Founders who is a friend of mine. I knew that this platform would also be needed World-Wide. It will help fill the gaps in social services, bring communities together and promote independent living.

Is it common in the US to help out others in the community or do you feel like this needs to be emphasised more and people need encouragement to reach out to others?
The US happens to be a country that has a strong identity in the volunteerism culture. However, encouraging communities/people to volunteer and advocating for a cause is always needed, no matter what country or community you live in.

Are there any similar platforms in the US?
I can't say that there aren't similar platforms, if there are similar ones, I am not aware of them. I've done research on this type of platform in the US and Helpific seems to be a new idea, innovative and exactly what we need right now. Our current healthcare system will be experiencing huge cuts in health and welfare services, specifically for those who are receiving support through social services.

How popular is Helpific over there and what are people's reactions to this platform?
We are in what I'd like to call the "fertilization" stage of the Helpific platform here in the US. The seed has been planted and we are carefully focusing on promoting and establishing in small community networks, in a "controlled" environment, which will give us an opportunity to monitor how the platform will work here. The reaction is extremely positive.

What do you think, what will Helpific's role be in five years time? How much has the platform and the attitude towards people with special needs changed by then?
In five years I can't imagine Helpific not being a well known, reliable platform for community members to use. I know we will also discover that Helpific doesn't fit any mold and there will be uses for it that we haven't even considered yet. Ignorance is the root of all discrimination and social prejudice against people with disabilities. Helpific will enlighten, educate and make huge impacts through it's use.

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