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Helping others has never before been such fun!

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The summer has brought many positive surprises for Helpific
The summer has been an extraordinarily great time for the Helpific platform. We have received a lot of good news both from our home country, as well as from abroad. The campaign carried out in the Hooandja was very successful and soon we will start pilot projects in Croatia and Romania so that the community members would notice and support each other more.

The middle of July was an extremely joyful time for Helpific our Hooandja campaign “To live by yourself and to be responsible by yourself!” mattered to 577 people and with their help we collected 10 835 euros. With this sum we exceeded our target and thanks to the help of the kind people we can make our platform better and more comfortable.
With the collected money we want to develop an available payment environment that is satisfying for the parties in order to make finding and offering help more efficient. Helpific is not a paid service in its essence, but a lot of help requests and offers are still related to payment, which is why a trustworthy payment system is extremely necessary. In addition to developing a payment system, we want to change the control system of the personal data of the users. We plan to add to the user data the option of giving feedback, so that finding a helper would be as secure as possible. This way we will create a big and region inclusive data base through Helpific, help requests shall reach thousands of volunteers and those who are looking for a short-term paid work. Through this we shall promote voluntary work in the social field.  
More good news come from our home country. Helpific has the honour to participate in an innovative research and development program called CoSIE (Co-creation of Service Innovations in Europe). The CoSIE Project consists of nine pilots in a range of contexts, which are targeted for a variety of challenges in public services.  Tallinn University, Võrumaa Omavalitsuste Liit, and Helpific will co-operate over the next three years to pilot an innovative method for service development in the field of disability care and mental health in Võru County. The purpose of the program to be implemented in Võru County is to create innovative and community-based services. The European Union’s Horizon2020 program finances the Estonian part of the program with €386,066.
Helpific is doing very well in other countries also. Recently we contacted Ashley Misleh who is our international correspondent in America. According to Ashley, Helpific is becoming more and more popular in the USA and the feedback to the Helpific platform has been positive in every way. You can read the interview with Ashley here.
Another positive news is that Helpific got 44 950 USD from the US fund Open Society Institute - Mental Health Initiative for the Croatia pilot project and 41 150 USD for the Romanian pilot project. The purpose of pilot projects is to test the Helpific platform in an international environment and develop new platform functions that would support the work of specialists and communal leaders. The new functions are specific tools that with the help of specialists and communal leaders should increase the responsibility of volunteers in offering help and make the life of those who need help easier.  
In addition to those who supported us in the Hooandja environment, we want to thank everyone who joined us in Facebook and on Helpific homepage, who entered help requests or offered help in their community. Many thanks to you, your contribution is incredibly important! With the help of the support environment and the community, people with special needs can live a more independent life. We shall bring the necessary help and support to more and more people and communities!

If you want to contribute to making your own and someone else’s summer even better, join the Helpific environment at helpific.com and add your help request or choose one of the entered requests that you could perform. Helping others has never before been such fun!

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