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Peter Balazs - every day is a bonus!

Team member Peter Balazs – Helpific, the United Kingdom

Text: Ashley Misleh
Translation: Paula-Stina Tasane

Peter describes himself in five sentences or tells us what ever comes to his mind right this moment:
Peter is a middle-aged Hungarian guy with steel work and IT background. He’s a practical man who likes community involvement – he managed community radio and telehouse projects in Hungary for 7 years: Green Radio and started up community gardening projects in London within the past year: TABARD GROWERS and Stompie Garden 

For the past 6 years he’s been living in London. He has a Latvian partner and a 10-year-old stepson. He also has a 10 year-old daughter back in Hungary.

His favourite quotes are ‘’Every day is a bonus’’ and ‘’Gutta cavat lapidem’' (‘’a water drop hollows a stone’’). Peter’s favourite movies are Pay It Forward, 7 Pounds and The Contact.
Peter: "Every day is a bonus!"
Our 5 questions to Peter.

What are some hobbies that interest you?
In the past it was parachuting, gliding and motorcycling. Currently it’s "Locality", tanks and microscopy.

What lead you to the career you are in now?
I started up my local gardening and handyman business within the past year. Next to that I’m a househusband.

Is the glass half empty or full?
Full but dirty :)

Documentary or comedy on a rainy day?
A funny and light documentary like Hans Rosling: Don't Panic

What would you rate your culinary skills?

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