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Helpific is a web-based support environment that brings innovative, digital solutions to the social field. Active communities can involve citizens through Helpific to help with transportation needs, household chores or activities outside of household.

2017 has been credible and prosperous for Helpific - we successfully completed the "Positive Attitude Development” project which aimed at changing attitudes towards mental health conditions and promoting the employment of young people with mental health conditions; within the framework of the National Foundation of Civil Society’s project "Developing a Support Environment based on the Experience of the User”, the current website was developed into a more accessible, secure and efficient support environment, paving the way for upcoming technological developments that are to be completed in 2018; with the project "Live by yourself, be responsible by yourself!", we exceeded our goal, whereas 577 people invested in our project; digiportal Geenius named Helpific as the startup company of the week. InDecember, Helpific took part in an innovative research and development program called CoSIE – co-creation of service innovation in Europe, in which the European Union Horizon2020 invests a contribution of EUR 386,066. Another piece of positive news is that Helpific has received USD 44,950 from the Open Society Institute – Mental Health Initiative (USA) for the execution of Croatian pilot projects and USD 44,150 for the Romanian pilot project. The pilot projects aim to test the Helpific platform in an international environment and develop new platform functions that support the work of specialists and community leaders.

International projects and developments in Croatia and Romania are led by Zsolt Bugarszki, a co-founder and Head of International Operations at Helpific, who has a high level of know-how in what’s happening globally and an established collaboration with universities and NGOs from different countries.

But let's be honest - we have done so much that it's impossible to put it all into words. We can still promise to remain committed to our mission by offering a credible alternative in a field in which the market does not offer many solutions.

Being on their own, their own way – the stories of Keiu and Jüri
On ETV’s show ‘’Being By Yourself’’ the co-founder and CEO of Helpific, Keiu Roosimägi talks openly about a rare condition called neurofibromatosis that affects her everyday life and activities. She also talks about her work and her mission as well as the challenges and progresses she’s come across on the path that she herself has created. The co-founder and experienced counselor of HelpificJüri Lehtmets, suffers from an incurable disease - muscular dystrophy. These two young people who, despite everything that has happened to them and everything that is ahead of them, are active in a field that is close to their heart – building the future of social welfare, including counselling and devotedly helping people with a similar fate as themselves.

See Keiu’s story here (in Estonian)
See Jüri’s story here ((in Estonian) 

‘’Helpific is awesome!’’ – A father of two great fans of Daniel Levi, aged 5 and 7 
Do you remember the video in which Tom Rüütel, one of the co-founders of Helpific talked about his dream of becoming an astronaut and called upon investing in Helpific? Here are some cute photos and a bit of reading on this: The crowdfunding participants helped Helpific take off!
Daniel Levi’s dedicated fans. We thank you, Daniel with all our hearts for your support and for believing in us at first sight!
There’s no such thing as too much good news: the winner of the fourth "Your Face Sounds Familiar’’ show is Daniel Levi Viinalass, whereas the earned prize of 1000€ was donated to the NGO Helpific. The first season of "Your Face Sounds Familiar’’, a show by TV3 aired in spring 2013. Its format is very similar to the UK's ITV talent show "Stars in Their Eyes". 
Photo: Karli Saul, Ekspress Meedia 
The story of a Helpific users experience - different ways of helping the community
Keiu and Maris founded the Estonian Neurofibromatosis Association and needed help with creating a website for it. The co-founder of OÜ Vurr Digital, Rauno, helped in this effort. After the new website went Live, Rauno pointed out that the community can help one another through their “know-how”, life experience and professional skills. Never before has it been so easy to help and get help!

Tom – A good deed takes just a tiny bit of time!
Tom Rüütel, who has been using Helpific’s platform since it was launched, took a moment to answer a couple of questions concerning his experience with the helpers at Helpific. Read and be inspired:

Making Full Accessibility a Reality & Social Innovation
Within the framework of the Estonian EU presidency in 2017 several large conferences were organized in Tallinn and Helpific was highlighted as one of promising welfare innovations in many presentations and workshops. Speakers were using Helpific as a reference to innovation in the social and health care sector, and our founders were invited as presenters or workshop leaders to different events. In October 2017 the Estonian Ministry of Social Affairs has organized a large conference on deinstitutionalization in the EU and Helpific was invited to participate in the workshop dedicated to social innovation.

The CEO of Helpific, Keiu Roosimägi, represented Helpific in a panel/workshop "Accessibility as a human right", organized by the Estonian Presidency of the Council of the European Union. On Conference "The European Accessibility Act - Making Full Accessibility Reality" Helpific shared its experiences, which activities do people generally need additional help in, how accessible goods, services and environment benefit the state, brought out examples of how ICT (information and communications technology) can create more accessibility and how the private sector and state together can create accessible services.
Photo: The Estonian Chamber of Disabled People
Helpific has affiliated with eight countries - how are they doing?
According to Zsolt Bugarszki, Director of International Operations: “Helpific has teams in eight countries, all in very different stages and at different levels of activities. Matchmaking has occurred in 5 countries (Estonia, Hungary, Ukraine, Croatia and US). In the Netherlands a University is working on the adaptation of the concept.n the UK, after the first unsuccessful attempt with the disability/mental health target group, we are preparing a more general approach and in Finland we are still seeking for the right format and more human resources, but we are present.”

*** Helpific’s mission is to promote the independent coping of those people, who need support in their community. Our web-based support environment connects the volunteers and paid services with everyday needs such as transportation, attending events and household chores. We are counting on the generosity of people end enterprises like You who have a community-based mentality.
Please help to create a quick and reliable person-to-person solution, the result of which would be stronger and more caring communities, by making a donation today.
Helpific is on the list of non-profit organizations with tax concession since 01.07.2016.

HELPIFIC MTÜ, Reg nr: 80380146
Account No EE102200221061303677

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